Vegan nutritionist top 5 green jobs careers

Great news for all you amazing vegan nutritionists and dieticians or those aspiring for a career in this field. Business Insider recently identified what they believe are the top 5 green jobs for long-term career growth. According to the article, the list highlights careers that can not only help the planet, but also guarantee long-term career survival.

To our delight, Vegan Nutritionists made the cut, along with other professions like “Green Interior Designer” and “Environmental Lawyer.”


The article sites some of the environmental impacts of animal farming and states that a Vegan Nutritionist’s specialized training on how to lead a vegan lifestyle ensures that they’ll be in high demand for environmentally-conscious, health-conscious and fad-conscious consumers.

Want to learn about the basics of vegan nutrition? Read this article, which include inputs from some of the leading vegan nutritionists in the world!

Image Source: Jeremy Keith/Flickr