Chocolate, to us, is more than just a treat enjoyed from time to time. It’s not just a shiny, wrapped bar staring at us on the checkout line, or a substance that we heat and liquify in the winter to bear the cold. Chocolate is a cherished foodstuff, a wondrous delight on the senses, a way to brighten up life with flavor. Due to the large selection of dark chocolate blends, those looking to avoid dairy can definitely still enjoy all of the splendor chocolate has to offer, and quite easily at that. The line of convenience is drawn, however, when it comes to drizzling chocolate.

Although Hershey’s, a company that has been making chocolate-drizzlers’ dreams come true for decades with their chocolate syrup, released a dairy-free dark chocolate syrup, but the fact that it contains high fructose corn syrup and white sugar, hardly makes it a treat you can feel good about. But, is there such a product out there that can meet all of your chocolate drizzling expectations, while also being somewhat healthy? That dream became a reality when food company, Sweet Freedom, released Choc Shot, an all-vegan, naturally sweetened chocolate syrup. Sweet freedom, indeed!




Choc Shot is manufactured in the UK and is 100 percent all natural. Besides cocoa, the liquid syrup is sweetened with the company’s award-winning fruit syrup, a blend of apples, grapes, and carob. Additionally, the syrup, which comes in original, orange spice, and coconut, contains no additives or preservatives, and zero chemical processing is involved in the product’s manufacturing. With half the calories and 85 percent less fat than leading solid chocolate brands,  maybe we’ve been consuming chocolate wrong this whole time!



Say goodbye to days spent hovering over your stove, pot of chocolate in hand, waiting for the stuff to melt just so you can get a measly drizzle over your ice cream sundae. Your desserts just got majorly revamped! Fruit salads? Chocolate drizzle. Coconut milk ice cream? Chocolate drizzle. Big glass of almond milk? CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE.


While of course, it’s very exciting that within the past few years, people looking to cut meat and dairy from their diets have seen an influx of plant-based alternatives, we mustn’t forget that treats like these are important too! To think that there once was a time where people had to melt chocolate themselves to enjoy all of the happiness that comes from liquefied chocolate and feel confident that there were no hidden ingredients or preservatives! Madness! With Choc Shot’s surefire success, we don’t think the trend of making indulgent snacks that can be enjoyed by people with any diet preference, will be ending anytime soon.

Image Source: Sweet Freedom