Ice cream lovers rejoice! In the summer of 2017, ice cream giant Häagen-Dazs released four non-dairy flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, Coconut Caramel, Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle, and Mocha Chocolate Cookie. The yummy flavors were being sold exclusively at Target stores … but now we have great news to share, U.S. retailers nationwide will be selling the non-dairy flavors in the coming weeks!

“While most non-dairy options simply start by substituting soy, almond or cashew milk; every flavor in our Häagen-Dazs Non-Dairy collection begins with a core ingredient, like real pieces of Belgian chocolate, actual peanut butter, or real coconut cream. The result? Indulgent non-dairy flavors with a creamier texture and an authentic taste that shines through. Each flavor below is as decadent as the last,” Häagen-Dazs stated on their website.


Just a week ago, Ben and Jerry’s added two new vegan flavors to their non-dairy lineup. Not to mention, Breyer’s also makes vegan ice cream, as well as Halo Top Creamery. So many vegan ice creams to try with so little time!

More and more people are replacing dairy with dairy-free alternatives like almond milk, non-dairy yogurt, and, as is indicated by a glance in the frozen dessert aisle of your local grocery store, vegan ice cream. Meanwhile, dairy milk consumption has seen a steady decline since the 1970s and today, we consume 37 percent less milk than we did nearly 50 years ago. Given the rise in demand for dairy-free alternatives and the massive boom in the non-dairy milk industry, making vegan ice cream even more accessible seems like a pretty business-savvy decision.

Go Dairy Free reports that in addition to retailers nationwide selling the non-dairy flavors, the Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle and Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge flavors will be available by the scoop at Häagen-Dazs ice cream shops, so be on the lookout!

To learn more about the impact of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.


Image Source: Häagen-Dazs/Facebook