Plants are powering all kinds of athletes these days, from bodybuilders to marathon runners, martial artists, and Ironmen. Now, we can also include champion Olympian figure skaters to the list – Meagan Duhamel, a Canadian vegan, has won a silver medal in a team figure skating event in Sochi, Russia!

On her Twitter page, Duhamel proclaims herself as an “Olympian, Vegan, Yogi and Nutritionist.” Now she can add medalist, too!

Athletes powering to medals, championships, and enviable athletic feats are all impressive in their own right – but when they stand as living proof that vegans can and do fully power themselves nutritionally in ways that obviously don’t leave their body’s power lacking, we’re even more excited! Way to represent a plant-powered lifestyle, Meagan!

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Image source: AFP Photo Pool / Darron Cummings