For those focused on “eating clean” and maintaining a balanced diet full of nutritious whole foods, it can be somewhat of a challenge to find ready-made desserts that are both vegan and free of refined sugar. That’s where Hu Chocolate steps in. Hu Chocolate comes from the New York City restaurant called Hu Kitchen, with the “Hu” coming from their slogan “Get Back to HUman.” Hu Chocolate is a quickly-growing brand, and thanks to the latest investment partnership with Sonoma Brands, the vegan chocolate bars will be expanding their market!

Chairman and Co-Founder of Hu, Jason H. Karp, stated to Business Wire, “We are thrilled to have found a strategic partner in Sonoma Brands. We look forward to what this relationship will help us accomplish as we move to advance our distribution and exposure in the coming months … With the support of Sonoma Brands, along with several other highly strategic investors, we will accelerate the conversation around the need for more vegan, paleo, and unprocessed foods and bolster our platform as a mission-driven health and wellness business.”


Hu chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors made with ingredients like puffed quinoa, banana, mint, and almond, cashew, and hazelnut butters, and are classified as vegan, paleo, non-GMO, gluten-free, and have no refined sugars or additives. And with the base being organic cacao, we can all feel a little better about indulging.

It is so great to see vegan chocolate gaining such attention, and if the current success of the brand is any indication, Hu Chocolate bars will start filling up store shelves and provide a delectable treat for the more health-conscious population.

Visit Hu Kitchen’s website here to learn more about the brand.

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Image Source: hukitchen/Instagram