Next Level Burger (NLB), a 100 percent plant-based burger restaurant that opened its first NYC location at the beginning of the year, is about to debut its new product just in time for the Fourth of July. The company is rolling out their version of the Beyond Sausage, a fully vegan hot dog, called the Kraut Dawg, which will be available in all its locations and ready to substitute your “regular” BBQ hot dog in just a couple of days.

Kraut Dawg is NLB’s innovative take on the “classic backyard brat” – only this one is all vegan and gluten-free. The sausage is made with the Beyond Sausage Brat Original from Beyond Meat.


The Next Level hot dog is a limited product and will be available in the restaurants starting July 4th until it runs out. It will be waiting for customers in all six store locations – in Concord, Brooklyn, Seattle, Portland, Lake Oswego, and Bend!

NLB offers many options for every vegan, burger aficionado, or just anyone fancying a good meal. Their menu includes handmade items like the Umami Mushroom burger and also offers the well-known and much-loved Beyond Burger. But you can get your hands on much more than burgers at these vegan eateries – think milkshakes, salads, kids’ meals, and sandwiches galore!

It is so great to see plant-based restaurants popping up across the U.S. and showcasing delicious new vegan products like the Beyond Sausage. This new trend has come in big part as a response to the rising number of people who are choosing to reduce their meat and dairy consumption in favor of options that are better both for us and for the environment at large.

Not to mention, plant-based options are just great for business. In fact, an informal survey carried out by Kiki Adami, founder of Veganizer, found that out of the 22 restaurants in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia that made the switch to 100 percent plant-based options, sales increasing between 10 to 1,000 percent!


To learn more about Next Level Burger and the incredible couple who made it all possible, check out this episode of the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast!

Image source: Next Level Burger