Woohoo! Bareburger, a burger chain based out of New York, has announced plans for an ALL-VEGAN restaurant that is set to open in roughly five months. The company’s culinary director, Jonathan Lemon, recently shared the exciting news at the “Future of Food” panel at the 2017 MUFSO conference in Dallas. “There will not be a drop of meat in this restaurant,” Lemon told the panel.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Bareburger also has plans to eliminate some of the meat from their already existing menus. This is huge, considering Bareburger made a name for themselves with exotic meats such as ostrich and boar. But now, Bareburger is currently scoping out meatless alternatives, such as jackfruit, tempeh, tofu, as well as lab-grown meat.


“The future is here and meat will play a smaller role in the years to come,” Lemon told the panel. “Bareburger is committed to not getting left behind and leading the industry in not only great burgers but plant-based offerings as well.” Whoa!

More people than ever are reducing their meat consumption and opting for plant-based options instead. A recent report by global market research firm Mintel shows that more people than ever are open to trying meatless burgers, a trend that is being driven largely by Millennials; 64 percent have tried meatless burgers versus 28 percent of Baby Boomers. Bareburger is introducing the Impossible Burger at all of their U.S. locations this coming November, so it seems like they are giving consumers exactly what they want!

We are so glad to see more plant-based options become accessible, showing yet again that the future of food is indeed plant-based.

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Image source: Impossible Foods