Let’s get our thinking caps on, Green Monsters! It’s time for us to help Nemo find a home – no, not the adorable cartoon clownfish we have all come to know and love, but an equally adorable orange-and-white kitty currently living in the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter (BPAS) in Los Angeles, California.

This sweet boy was rescued from euthanasia a few days ago by shelter worker Cristina Garcia, who fell head over heels in love with him as soon as he arrived. He was suffering from a broken leg, and another worker believed that it would be best for him to be out down. However, Garcia was determined that he should be given a second chance. She and Nemo have formed an amazing bond, with the cat warming up to her “from day one,” and even jumped up on her shoulder from his cage – not allowing the cast on his leg to impede him one little bit!


“This is Nemo, my sweet little boy,” she said, “and he absolutely loves people! But I’m really worried about him. He only has a few days left…”

The shelter has agreed to hold him until December 11, but after that, his fate is uncertain unless someone steps up and gives him that loving forever home he deserves.

Garcia told photographer John Hwang, who took the pictures of Nemo: “My heart just breaks for each of (the animals). I know I’m supposed to be here, to help them as much as I can.”



Garcia is determined to fight for her beloved Nemo’s right to live and love. Hwang could tell, as he was interacting with her, that “she genuinely loved and cared for (the animals).” To help her with her mission to locate Nemo’s purr-fect family, why not share this post? BPAS can be contacted by calling (626)-962-3577. Nemo’s animal ID number is A4901145. Let’s hope this beautiful kitty finds a family who will care for him for the rest of his days!

All image source: Imgur