Human’s best friend has always been considered the enemy of all postal workers. Well, that just isn’t true!

Here are some wonderful stories from the incredible Facebook page UPS Dogs that prove delivering mail does not automatically mean a gnawed ankle. Though how do these post people resist taking these adorable animals home?


This little boy named Rugen from Oregon was happily cooling down with a garden hose when the mailman arrived, and after clearly making a difficult decision to leave that reprieve of the 95-degree heat, he ran to greet his favorite mail deliverer knowing that there would be biscuits waiting for him! 

Here is a very small boy from Virginia receiving his daily snuggles from his favorite UPS deliverer.

Here is Charlie from Ohio who is always waiting to eagerly greet his mailman.

And it isn’t even always dogs that come to greet the people delivering their humans’ mail! Here are two miniature goats from Arkansas who turn the package car into a climbing frame every time a parcel is delivered!

This mail lady in Derry knows what’s up. She doesn’t leave her van without dog treats in hand, and even takes the time to stop and play ball with this customer!


Proving it is impossible to resist a cute little pup is this driver from Arizona, who has clearly had his heart stolen by this little girl. Apparently, she ran up to introduce herself and now won’t leave his arms!

In Marina del Rey, Lucky Dogg and Bear Dawg have befriended UPS driver Ed, convincing him to bring biscuits every time he delivers mail. And they have also recruited another driver named Edwin, ensuring double the biscuits no matter who is visiting!


This is Luke from West Virginia. He climbed up onto his UPS driver’s truck and refused to leave again until he received a treat for his troubles. But he had to earn them! He stayed on the truck for around ten more stops, taking envelopes from the driver to personally deliver the mail to neighbors’ doorsteps!

This poor driver was almost mauled to death by these vicious boxer puppies!


And finally, meet Jo, who did not appreciate being woken from her nap. But she soon forgave her driver for a belly rub!


We love hearing the real stories of mail carrier vs. dogs and dogs who can’t wait to greet their favorite mail deliverer. For more adventures between UPS and their canine customers, visit UPS Dogs!

Image Source: UPS Dogs