Tragedy struck last weekend in Hauser, Idaho when 85-year-old Marie-Claire Steinkamp was killed in a car crash. The woman was travelling with her little dog, a white Chihuahua, at the time of the accident, however, when authorities reported to the scene, they did not notice the dog.

The car was towed and brought the a junkyard with the little dog still trapped inside. It was only two days later during an investigation that the frightened Chihuahua was discovered by workers. Miraculously, the dog hadn’t sustained any injuries but was in desperate need of some TLC.


Unfortunately, the police were unable to identify any next of kin or friends of the driver, so the little dog had nowhere to go. Thankfully, Power of the Paw dog rescue stepped in and took in the lost pup.


Naming him “Uno Solo,” in honor of the fact that he was Steinkamp’s “one and only,” Power of the Paw is now being fostered by Autumn Jolley, a Power of the Paw volunteer.


According to the Kootenai County, Idaho Deputy, Steinkamp appeared to have been living out of her van and had a significant amount of stuff in the back which is likely what helped to shield Uno Solo from harm. Most dogs would have attempted to escape from the van, but this loyal pup just stayed, waiting for his guardian.


Power of the Paw will have to wait to see if Steinkamper had any instructions in her will about what would happen to Uno Solo before then can put him up for adoption. One thing is for sure, however, this little dog is in good hands and will remain so for the rest of his life.


All image source: Power of the Paw/Facebook