SeaWorld has seen a 13 percent drop in attendance, former marine park fans have vocalized their growing unwillingness to support captive cetacean shows…and how does SeaWorld respond? By advertising they are shipping captive whales cross country, of course!

So please join me in welcoming two new beluga whales to SeaWorld San Diego! Yes, Green Monsters, you’ve stumped me on this one. I guess that SeaWorld may think that their weak attempt to defend their actions really was enough to win back the hearts and minds of the American public. I’m sure you’re all just as smitten with SW as ever, aren’t ya?


Klondike and Alta were the two beluga whales that were introduced to SeaWorld San Diego earlier this week. Alta, a four-year-old female was moved to San Diego from SeaWorld San Antonia and Klondike, an 11-year-old male hails from SeaWorld Orlando.

ABC10 News reported that, according to theme park officials, “the movements help the whales with socialization while maintaining genetic diversity.”

Of course, because nothing says healthy socialization and breeding like holding animals in captivity, forcing them to breed continuously, and then shipping them off to the next stop on the “fun” route.  But who knows, maybe getting crammed into a bathtub with new strangers is like SeaWorld’s version of spring break for belugas?

Needless to say, I’m not buying it, and neither should you. It is time that SeaWorld responds to the negative feedback they have received in a productive way, running an establishment that relies on the willingness of people to buy tickets requires diligent response to consumer demand. While it is a good thing that Alta and Klondike are not new wild caught belugas, the stress of being continuously shipped cross country is a terrible fate for any animal that belongs in the wild.


Image source: Stan Shebs/Wikimedia Commons