Does your spouse or partner snore? What about your dog? A person or a dog snoring can quickly turn into an annoyance that causes you to raise your voice or throw a pillow at the snorer — you suffer from being the only one in the room not snoring at night; you are not alone. But imagine if the one snoring is something super cute.

Puppies, kitties, bear cubs, bunnies … we’ve seen a ton of cute animal videos, and it will NEVER get old! Baby animals are the bomb, making us smile as they do the cutest darn things. And baby ducks definitely make the cute baby animal list.

Ducklings will become attached to the first animal or person they see when they hatch … “Mama!” Therefore, this little ducky may have been asleep when he was born! All kidding aside, you have got to click that volume button up a few notches on this video and listen away to this adorable gosling’s snoring symphony.

You’re welcome.