When it comes to farm animals, it’s easy to write them off as mindless creatures who don’t have feelings or personalities of their own. Society has made it very easy to believe this notion by keeping farm animals tucked away in factory farms and petting zoos. Not to mention the reality of life for animals is completely kept out of classroom conversations so children don’t realize how truly affectionate and unique these animals are. Anyone who has interacted with a turkey, however, knows that turkeys are incredibly playful and social birds who are intelligent and definitely have personalities.

Most of the time we are not able to observe an animal’s true personality unless they are in the wild or have been rescued and are now in the comfort and safety of a sanctuary home. That being said, there are instances where an animal is so special that their personality shines no matter where they are.


This is Tibbott. He is a turkey who spent the beginning of his life in a feed store. Tibbott came very close to becoming a snake’s dinner when he was just a baby. 

Tibbott’s friendly personality saved him from this horrific fate, though. The feed store owner became so attached to the little bird that he simply couldn’t bear to sell him as food. 

Instead, Tibbott was eventually purchased by people who kept a backyard chicken flock. 

Tibbott’s larger-than-life personality made him stand out from the other birds here, as well. The flock was somewhat threatened by his outgoing ways and made it difficult for him to get food or enough space in the backyard. 

He eventually grew to be a big bird and could finally establish himself within the flock. At this time, though, his guardians realized that they were ill-prepared to take care of a full-sized turkey. Tibbott would have to leave. 


Skeptical about rehoming him, Tibbott’s guardians decided to reach out to Farm Sanctuary. This was the only way they could be sure that Tibbott would be cared for as a companion, not killed for food. He was eventually moved to Farm Sanctuary’s Northern California Shelter. 

Tibbott wasted no time charming his way into the lives of his fellow animals and the Farm Sanctuary staffers. According to the team, Tibbott would always wait by the entrance of his enclosure for someone to pass by. When they eventually did, Tibbott put on a show for them, fluffing up his feathers, strutting around, and basking in his own beauty. 

Unsurprisingly, all that meet Tibbott fall in love with this unique bird and they aren’t hesitant to show him just how much they do! 

Tibbott even has been making feathered friends. His dance partner, best friend, and roommate Raphael the Turkey not only accepts Tibbott for who he is, he celebrates his wonderful personality! These two have many happy years ahead of them. 




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All image source: Animals of Farm Sanctuary