After learning about the deplorable conditions on a nearby farm, volunteers from Farm Sanctuary rushed in to investigate the space and save any animals. What they found was truly disheartening. Starving, emaciated animals were being forced to live in a dirty, cramped space with virtually no ventilation. The birds were in particularly bad condition. Most of them had lice and broken toes, and all of them were suffering from severe respiratory infections.

One of these birds is Mr. Daffodil, a turkey that arrived at Farm Sanctuary’s headquarters blind, emaciated, and extremely weak. Daffodil, who at first had difficulty even standing on his own, was put on a liquid diet. Thankfully, after his first nutritious meal and some well-needed pampering by the sanctuary workers, he garnered enough strength to feed himself and even let out a few powerful clucks. Workers hope that he will become strong enough to one day join a flock and enjoy the typical bird activities he has missed out on in the past. 


Daffodil and the rest of the rescued animals are currently being fostered at Farm Sanctuary while the workers search for their forever homes. Unfortunately, no legal action has yet to be taken on the owners of the horrible farm but at least these rescued animals don’t have to spend another day in inexcusable conditions! If you’d like to support Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team, consider donating to their amazing cause!