This heartwarming video of a turkey being cuddled by her rescuer is a sweet reminder that turkeys are more than just “food” -they are living beings that deserve the same level of compassion and respect as any other animal. The caring people at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary already know this and it is their mission to show others how wonderful these innocent animals are.

Turkeys are animals that create bonds, socialize, and adore being caressed and loved on. Turkeys even like music, playing, and are super smart – they are capable of learning the geography of an area in order to find food!


Farm animals are not very different from your domestic animals at home. They too have their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities, and if given the chance, they can be just as loyal, fun, and affectionate. When you begin to think of farm animals as more than just “food,” only then can we begin to truly make a real difference for these beautiful beings.

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Lead Image: Jersey City Vegan