Meet Turbo Roo, the two-legged Chihuahua. This feisty little guy was born without front paws. Luckily for him, he was taken to the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, Indiana when he was just four weeks old. From there, he was taken in as a foster by his soon-to-be forever family.

At six months old, he was fitted for a 3D printed wheelchair, which instantly expanded his world. Since then, life has been one big adventure for Turbo Roo, as he and his family explore what it is like to be an animal ambassador for pups in need.


You might think that life without front paws is a bit of a drag, but this little one never let it show. Even without his wheels, this little fella has no problem getting around.

Here he is enjoying some much needed play time at the beach.

Like any other pup, he enjoys a good game of fetch in the sand.

When he was six months old, he was finally fitted for his own 3D printed wheelchair. And that’s when the fun really began!

These days, there’s no stopping this pup, as he is determined to escort his mom everywhere.

Having a wheelchair enables him to go wherever his heart desires.

After news of his success began to hit social media, Turbo Roo began to get a lot of messages from people with dogs like him – dogs who deserved to have their own wheelchairs, too.

Then his family got the brilliant idea to start a charity to raise money for handicapped pooches to help them get their own 3D wheelchairs, called Pawstetics.

Soon, the Pawstetics project had really taken off. It wasn’t long before Turbo Roo was called out to appear on the World Dog Awards, in Hollywood to raise awareness of this project. Here is in his tuxedo, getting ready for this black tie event.

Posing for the red carpet is fun!

So is meeting celebrities, like George Lopez! Turbo Roo looks a little star struck in this picture.

Making such a huge difference for dogs makes him giddy – look at that face!

All in a days work for this little hero.

If you would like to see Turbo Roo in action, or learn more about Pawstetics, check out his Facebook page, here.

All image source: Turbo Roo/Facebook