You would think that being abandoned and left all alone at the ripe age of a few-weeks-old would be enough to crush a young kitten’s spirit. It takes a special combination of determination, courage and joie de vivre to overcome something as traumatic as that … but it isn’t impossible! Just take a look at Trashcan Jones.

Little Trashcan Jones – Trashcan for short – was dropped off at the dump and left to fend for himself. He was dirty, starving and completely lost, but Trashcan never gave up hope that he would find a better life. Lucky for this little cat, one day his hope paid off and he was discovered by a kind person who swept him away from life in the dump to a new home in an animal shelter.


This is where he met Imgur user, Jessamin, and his life changed forever.

Jessamin writes on Imgur, “He was brought to the vet clinic I work at inside a computer mouse box by some kind workers, popped out and has purred just about ever since.”

Poor Trashcan was diagnosed with an eye ulcer, nutrition related skeletal issues and cat flu, but he refused to give up on life.

“It was decided that he had a zest for life we could not stand to extinguish. Now he lives a cushy life with the rest of my unfortunate vet-nurse crowd,” says Jessamin.

Trashcan now lives with Jessamin and finally gets to enjoy the finer things in life. Like ginormous beds and pillows.

Looking at this content kitty now, you would never guess that he had such a tragic beginning. Enjoy the cushy life, Trashcan!

All image source: Jessamin/Imgur