In today’s current age caught up in excessive selfies and the documentation of every move we make, people often go too far and do outrageous things all for the sake of a social media post. There have been countless incidents of bumbling idiots who think it is humorous, entertaining, and worthy of bragging rights to drag out animals from their natural habitats and bombard the terrified (and more often than not, dying) animals with photos.

And another incident of this kind has just been documented in Kismet, Fire Island, New York, where a man caught a shark and was photographed dragging it by the tail as onlookers snapped photos in amusement.



The comments posted on Facebook in regards to the incident are varied. Some ignorantly defend the individual who is seen dragging the shark in the image, making claims along the lines that he was just fishing on vacation and eventually dragged the shark back out to the ocean, where it swam away.

However, other more scientifically-minded commenters point out that even though the shark was taken back to the water, it does not mean it survived the ordeal, as dragging the animal in such a brutish manner by the tail can dislocate its backbone, sand tracked in to the gills and eyes can lead to wounds and infections, and being out of the water can cause serious disruption of buoyancy.

One comment notes that catching these sharks is illegal, and if one is accidentally caught, it must IMMEDIATELY be SAFELY returned to the water … and by the looks of things, this was not done in this case before putting on a show and a bevy of photos were taken by a dumbfounded mob.


It is never okay to remove wildlife from their natural habitats, and if it happens by accident, it should not be seen as an opportunity for reckless behavior and a photoshoot. If you ever happen to come across an incident like this, be sure to be the one in the crowd who speaks out for the animals who cannot speak for themselves!

Image Source: Fire Island, New York/Facebook