You’ve been hearing it all over the news (we were talking about it before it was cool) and now Padma Lakshmi is taking MorningStar Farms’ ‘Veg of Allegiance‘ in order to spread the word even further – eating plant-based helps you, the animals and the planet!

I Veg Allegiance to the Fig of the United States of Arugula.



“My life revolves around food – I’m either cooking it, eating it or tasting it as the host and a judge on ‘Top Chef’,” the reality competition star said. “I’m an adventurous eater, but try and stick to a diet rich in vegetables because I believe what we eat matters. That’s why I’m taking the Veg of Allegiance and want others to join me.”

The campaign urges people to eat plant-based – even for just one meal per week – and then share their pledge on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #VegAllegiance.

Hey, that’s an awesome idea! While you’re at it, you should join our campaign and post the delicious plant-based foods that you’re whipping up (or having someone else whip up for you, not all of us are Top Chef contenders) using the hashtag #EatForThePlanet. You can never have too many hashtags, especially when it comes to spreading the word for climate change!

You guys, seriously, you should so do this.


But, carbon footprints aside, there are tons of reasons to get more plants up in your life. “Eating vegetarian is more economical,” Lakshmi told HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill about her other reasons to eat veg when she’s not on set. “It’s hard to get organic vegetables that are lower priced, but a bag of beans or lentils, which gives you a lot of protein, costs less than the same equivalent weight [of meat].”

Lakshmi is just one of several celebs recently, including Adam Richman of Man vs. Food fame, who are choosing a mostly plant-based plan of eating. Though not choosing to be full-time vegans, they’re still making a difference for themselves, animals, and the environment and provide an excellent example for people interested in cutting back. If a global paradigm shift away from meat and dairy centric fare took hold, the impact would be incredible and taking a moderate approach is a very realistic step for many.

No thank you, I’m not interested in the Global Warming Groupon today.


Todd Smith, Director of Brand and Innovation Marketing at MorningStar Farms, agrees: “We’re here to help people change not just their diet, but also help the planet. MorningStar Farms champions a more veggie-full life and hopes that, through the Veg of Allegiance, we will create real, positive change in our world.”


Need inspiration to take the pledge like Padma? Check out our Recipe Monster section, with over 5,000 recipes filled with magical, plant-based works of yumminess. With meals this good, we guarantee no one is going to tell you to pack up your knives and go.

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