“Much like the murder and mayhem in my films I would like something to seem like it’s meat, but it’s fake.”

Those were the instructions given to the two Top Chef Duels contestants, Dale Talde and Tiffani Faison, when rocker Rob Zombie appeared as a guest judge on the show. Zombie, a long time vegan, presented a challenge that is rarely addressed on channels like The Food Network or Bravo – cooking creative, appealing and decadent vegan food. In order to win, again using the words of Mr. Zombie himself, the competitors needed to, “Make vegan taste good.”

This isn’t the first time that Zombie has been an ambassador for plant-based cuisine on a cooking show. He was featured on an episode of Cupcake Wars last year in which four contestants fought for to get their vegan cupcake center stage at his haunted house, the Great American Nightmare. For this go around, the director and musician showed up with fellow rockers Gary Holt (Exodus) and Scott Ian (Anthrax), throwing down the gauntlet to make vegan food as fancy-shmancy as possible.

So, what did they dream up? Just three courses of awesome that made us wish we could be guest judges on a cooking show that features haute vegan cuisine. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the drool worthy photos here!


Dale’s First Course: Summer Salad with Miso Glazed Asparagus, Charred Faro, Nori and Pickled Radish.

Tiffani’s First Course: Drunken Noodles with Yuzu Pine Nut Vegan Mayo, Purple Cauliflower Hot Sauce and Torched Leeks.

Dale’s Second Course: Char Siu Tofu Ramen in a Roasted Vegetable Ramen Broth Finished with Popcorn and Silken Tofu.

Tiffani’s Second Course: Steakhouse King Oyster Mushrooms with Green Casserole and Mushroom Jus.

Dale’s Dessert Course: PB and J Chinese Dim-Sum with Mochi, Peanut Butter, Maple and Jelly

Tiffani’s Dessert Course: Black Forrest Cake with Blood Orange and Coconut Merengue

Image Credits: Bravotv.com