Tommaso the Cat: Once Homeless, Now a Millionaire

Tommaso, a four-year-old Italian black cat who was rescued from the streets of Rome is now the richest cat in the world. He inherited a $13 million fortune from his owner, Maria Assunta, a wealthy widow of an Italian property tycoon.

According to the Daily Telegraph, initially, Assunta had instructed her attorneys to identify an animal welfare association or group to which to leave the estate and the commitment of looking after Tommaso. However, she was unable to find a satisfactory association to see to it that Tommaso was loved and cared for and she decided to leave all her money to the cat via her nurse, Stefania, who cared for her until her dying day.


Tommaso is the third most wealthy animal on the planet (if you can believe that). According to ABC News, he’s preceded by Kalu the chimp, who was left $80 million when his owner passed, and Gunther IV, who inherited $372 million from his father — yep, another dog — who was the companion of a German countess.