Many animals like cows and goats are born knowing how to walk. They still need their mother’s milk, but these guys can run at a full sprint minutes after birth! However, newborn kittens are just as dependent on their mothers as newborn humans and have a very slim chance at survival if not given proper care. So when Imgur user Nuudel found a kitten that was just days from being born, she didn’t think twice to take the little one in.

Titan was only 40 grams when she was found. Kittens this small rarely survive their infancy.


The vets gave all the advice they could to help, but in reality, they assured them that Titan probably wasn’t going to make it.

At first, the little kitten didn’t gain any weight and her guardians started to think that putting her down might be a kinder option.

First the first few days, she didn’t make noise either and she dislocated her legs the second she tried to move.

Then, suddenly on day eight, Titan started moving and meowing. She ate like she’d never eaten before!


Titan had to be watched and fed around the clock. But she was so full of life that it was worth it. In a few days, she even started trying to leave her nest!

Titan’s guardians were informed that there was a possibility that she was also blind. Every time she tried to leave the nest, she would get disoriented and confused and began screaming for help. But at six weeks, Titan seemed to be mostly normal!

At seven weeks, Titan had a seizure. She lost weight and had to be force-fed again.

At 15 weeks, Titan was healthy and beautiful.


And now she is big and strong. Go Titan!

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Titan’s story shows us how far one act of compassion can go and how incredibly resilient animals can be when given the chance. While Titan’s journey hasn’t been easy, it was certainly all worth it in the end seeing how far she’s come. They say compassion is contagious, so go ahead and pass it along!


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All image source: Nuudel/Imgur