It is shocking and disturbing what some people are capable of doing to innocent animals. Five severely neglected dogs and a cat were spotted at a residence in Wayne County, Mississippi, but thanks to an anonymous tip, Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) stepped in and saved these innocent lives.

Three of the five dogs were pure skin and bones, and all the dogs are presumed to be Pit Bull mixes who were irresponsibly bred.


The animals were severely neglected with visible injuries and ailments.

Luckily for these pups, the neglectful owners agreed to surrender all six animals on the premises.

The dogs went from miserable to elated as soon as they realized they were being rescued. Thank you, SCAR!


Although these sweet animals have been rescued, they still have a long road to recovery and require a lot of TLC, veterinary care, and diet supplements. You can donate to SCAR through their wish list here or through PayPal here.


Irresponsible breeders and neglectful pet owners cause the euthanasia of 5,500 dogs in the U.S. every single day. That is well over two million innocent lives lost each year! When cats, horses, and small animals are added to the count, this number skyrockets much higher. As SCAR points out on their Facebook page, there are simply not as many loving homes as there are abandoned dogs, and despite wanting to help them all, it is disheartening to know that not all will be saved.

There are many things you can do to help the giant problem of unwanted pets. For starters, spay and neuter your animal companions. You can also participate in trap-neuter-release (TNR) programs to help keep stray cat populations down. If you are considering adding a new animal friend into your life, remember the importance of adoption and visit your local shelters and rescue organizations. And even if you cannot adopt, you can help ease the burden on overcrowded shelters by fostering a needy animal or two. For tips on how to be the best foster parent, check this out. Of course, volunteering your time and donating to rescue organizations greatly helps unwanted animals too.

And lastly, remember to always report any incidents of animal abuse or neglect that you may witness. If not for the anonymous tip, these five dogs and a cat could have likely perished from starvation and neglect. Your intervention can likely save innocent lives as well. For advice on what to do if you suspect an animal is being abused, read this.

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All Image Source: SCAR Southern Cross Animal Rescue/Facebook