Rescuers from New York City-based Second Chance Rescue have taken in a tiny dog who was literally thrown away in an empty pizza box. The rescue’s partner shelter discovered the dog, now named Thumper, in a public garbage container and quickly found that he was in critical condition. The rescue stepped in and rushed him to a 24-hour emergency hospital where the team is doing everything to save his life.

Thumper only weighs six pounds and is around six years old. He is currently unable to stand and the doctors believe that he has blunt force trauma to his head, since he is showing some neurological signs. “We are heartbroken, that someone hurt him intentionally, he is so small and vulnerable,” the rescuers write.


The pup also has low blood pressure and dangerously low sugar levels. He remains wobbly on his paws and will undergo further testing, possibly including an MRI. As the rescue reports, animal control is now investigating the case. Meanwhile, Thumper keeps on fighting for his life …


Little Thumper is thankfully safe in the care of the rescue and his vets, but his condition remains critical. His medical bill is now over $3,000 and the rescue is raising funds to give him the best treatment and chance at recovery possible.

You can help Thumper by donating through the rescue’s website or via Facebook.

All image source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook