The world can be a scary place for many who find themselves alone in it. Everyone has had moments where they’ve needed help, maybe even needed a friend or two, and the reality of being alone in the midst of chaos can be more than daunting.

This holds true whether you’re a human being or a stray cat, which is why we can all identify with rescue stories so well. We know how it would feel to be abandoned and afraid and know how wonderful the kindness of strangers can be when they step in to make a difference – like Tumblr user violetohara did recently when they found a stray kitten at the bottom of their stairs.

Alone, filthy and sick, it was apparent that the kitty needed help, which is exactly why this compassionate person set out to catch her with the help of a neighbor. A bath, a vet visit and some antibiotics for a little kitty cold (Can you imagine the sound of those sneezes? Just for, like, a second. Hear it in your head. Now follow it up with, “awwwwww!”) later and this special little sweetheart has a new forever home.

Showing kindness and caring like these people did for a lone kitten not only impacts that individual being, but it also inspires others to do the same. Nux the cat is one lucky little girl for picking their stairs to hunker down on.

Covered in dirt and burrs, it was obvious that this kitten was in need of help.

After finally being able to catch her, a vet visit confirmed that she had a cold but was otherwise perfectly healthy.

Freshly washed kitty is NOT impressed.

That’s okay, all bathing transgressions are forgiven in the face of head rubs. 

Been a part of the family for a day and already showing some sass.

We can’t tell who’s luckier – Nux the kitten or her new people!

All image source: violetohara/Tumblr