The creators of Tinder probably did not think of Alaskan Malamutes as potential users of their app, but that did not stop Phil, or rather his human friend who set up a profile for his adorable dog. The result is, unsurprisingly, lots and lots of matches – and very interesting conversations.

Phil, whose daily adventures and naps can be followed on his and his four-legged friend’s Instagram account lifewithmalamutes, decided to look for soulmates in Boston and Los Angeles, Bored Panda reports. Of course, he did not have to wait for some attention too long.

In his profile photo, Phil is sporting a bow tie and a big smile. Impossible to swipe left.


But looks are not everything. He also is an impeccable conversationist.

Plus a pretty straightforward pup, too.

But not really needy.

And he knows his worth.

But the perennial question remains – is Phil a good boy?

He is.


Chatting with Phil seems like pure joy and it feels like, if he chose to, he would get his favorite belly rubs from just about a hundred people. Still, the famous dog has his own dedicated pet-giver and he probably would not switch for any brief liaison. At least that is what one hopes for in case of a dog who can operate a smartphone…

Find Phil on Instagram and Imgur.

All image source: Lifewithmalamutes/Imgur