Henrietta the pig was surrendered to a North Carolina animal shelter in the most unfortunate shape.  According to her rescuers, Henrietta had been attacked by a dog had holes on the sides of her head where she should have had ears. She was only walking on three legs and had a large mass on her front leg making it difficult for her to get around.

Thankfully, the shelter contacted Triangle Chance for All to help her and things started to change for the better.


Despite the severity of her condition, Henrietta is a sweet and gentle spirit.


Veterinary Doctor Mozzachio says that the mass on Henrietta’s leg is mostly bone, so removal is not an option. The only thing they can do is amputate the leg.


But that’s not such a bad thing! Plenty of animals get around on three legs or less, plus Henrietta’s pretty lean for a pig. Her doctors are certain she’ll have a high quality of life.


This sweet piggy still has a long way to go on her recovery, but we are sure that things can only get better from here!


See the full video of Henrietta’s journey here:






This rescue would not have been possible if not for Penney Jefferey from Pig Pals NC and the awesome folks at Triangle Chance for All. We’re so glad that Henrietta is finally getting the help she needs. For updates on Henrietta’s condition, be sure to follow Triangle Chance For All on Facebook.

All image source: Triangle Chance for All