It may not seem like it sometimes, but humans and dogs have an incredible amount in common. They both crave attention and love. They both are perceptive to the emotions of others and grieve when they lose a friend or family member. And they both find themselves in unfortunate situations sometimes. Take the life of an abused dog, for instance. These creatures are unable to communicate verbally and alert someone that they are in a violent household. Sometimes they are tethered to fences or houses for weeks on end, hungry and helpless. And every once in a while they will become so desperate and either hurt themselves or run away and end up hurt somewhere along the way.

Hope, is a dog who doctors speculate got so desperate in an abusive household, that she chewed off one of her own legs because she was tied up for too long. After Hope performed this act of pure despair, she wandered around and eventually made her way onto a nearby highway. It’s unknown how long she spent wandering that highway with her leg bleeding out, but eventually she was spotted by Brittney Babbitt, a woman who happened to be driving by with her son, Nathan. Once Babbitt realized that Hope was bleeding she immediately sought out help, nd eventually got connected with Lorie Clairmont who brought the pup to a 24-hour center. Shortly after, doctors determined that Hope would have to lose the leg and promptly operated on her.


Now, Hope is recovering at Clairmont’s house and is doing so at a pretty amazing rate. She’s learned how to run around on three legs quite well (although she does get tired out after an intense play session), she’s eating regularly, and she’s even been a source of comfort and inspiration for human amputees!

After Clairmont heard about a support group of amputees in the local area, she got in contact with the coordinator and arranged for Hope to be a special guest at one of their monthly gatherings.

Hope’s presence at the meeting isn’t just great because she’s an adorable dog who is affectionate to boot, but she’s a reminder that it’s possible to recuperate from the trauma of losing a limb, and in good spirits, no less!

Just like the amputees at the support group, Hope won’t let anything deter her from living life to the fullest – not even a missing limb. 

To learn more about Hope’s story, watch below: 




Despite the horrific circumstances that led to Hope losing her leg, this story is a happy one. Not only is Hope recovering with a loving family but she is bringing a ray of hope to others. She truly is one amazing pup!

All image source: Helen Comer/DNJ