The Animals Asia team was all smiles when they witnessed footage of a moon bear who they previously rescued and released back into the wild a year ago. This was an especially rewarding and relieving treat because this moon bear was released with only three legs.

Though the particular area where Rainbow the bear called home was protected, she still fell victim to a hunter’s snare. This left the poor little girl with a terribly infected right front leg. She was rescued by Animals Asia and it was determined that amputation was the best option. With experts across the globe in agreement, Rainbow was released back into the wild- it was her home after all. Since most of the moon bears rescued by Animals Asia are victims of the bile industry and unable to survive on their own, Rainbow would be the only moon bear the Animals Asia team had ever released!


Thanks to the footage captured by local rangers, they can now rest assured without a doubt, that they made the best decision for this inspiring moon bear. Even if only for a few moments, watching this girl living life as a moon bear should is heartwarming. It is our hope that one day all wild animals can enjoy this type of freedom, away from the greed of mankind.

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