Thanks to social media, nowadays we are able to get to know the personalities of some of the most charismatic animals from all over the world. These animals are either social ambassadors for a cause, like Lentil the cleft-palate Bull Dog, have touched our hearts with an amazing story like Fifty the two-legged Pit Bull, or are just plain adorable like Lil Bub, the cat. Another one of these famous animals is Esther. Her dads are always posting photos and videos of her on Facebook. Sometimes she’s chowing down on a pint of ice cream, other times she’s wrestling her heart out, and sometimes she’s just snoozing adorably. Oh yeah, and did we mention that Esther just so happens to be a 650-pound pig?

Yep, that’s right. While most people see pigs as dirty, unintelligent animals (oftentimes without ever actually meeting a pig), two kind gentlemen in Canada decided to look past all of the stereotypes pigs have and adopt one. At the time they thought Esther was a “micro pig,” but considering those don’t exist, obviously they were tricked by the people they purchased Esther from… That didn’t stop them from loving Esther, though. They created a Facebook page to document all of her rambunctious spirit, and with more than 775,000 followers, we think it’s safe to say the world has fallen in love with her, as well.


It’s amazing to think that Esther, formally known as Esther the Wonder Pig, used to be this small! Talk about a throwback. 


Esther has caused more than just aww’s and ooh’s though. She has truly gotten people to reevaluate some of their daily choices, especially in regards to food. The experience of adopting Esther inspired her dads to go vegan and eventually open their very own farm sanctuary for rescued animals! If that’s not the power of a wonder pig, we don’t know what is!

One does not look at Esther and see bacon or pork, they see an animal that is as lively, playful, and affectionate as a dog. Essentially, she has changed the way hundreds of thousands of people view pigs and her mission has been unintentional but vastly important. Even if it’s just acknowledging the fact that pigs are more than non-feeling commodities and are actual sentient beings with emotions and depth, Esther has done an amazing job. We hope she is able to continue teaching people empathy and compassion through her existence for many years to come. Thanks for being you, Esther!

Image source: Esther the Wonder Pig/Facebook