There is no respite for baby cows born on factory farms. Almost immediately after their mothers give birth, they are forcibly taken away.

“Calves can become so distressed from separation that they become sick, lose weight from not eating, and cry so much that their throats become raw,” Farm Sanctuary reports.

Dairy cow mothers never receive the chance to wean or care for their calves as they naturally would. Instead, they are locked away to produce milk for human consumption and their babies are sent to be raised for beef or for veal, if they don’t die soon after birth.

Around 700,000 calves are slaughtered each year for veal in the U.S. alone and their lives are filled with misery from start to finish. After being ripped from their mothers, they only spend about 16 weeks living (or more, aptly, barely living) until they are carted away for slaughter.

During these 16 weeks, calves are confined to what are known as “veal crates.” In these cruel confinement contraptions, they are unable to turn around or even stand and are tethered by their neck, rendering nearly any movement impossible.

This was the life Simom led before his untimely death at a veal farm. Like thousands of other male calves, he was ripped away from his mother and shoved into a veal crate – trembling, scared and alone, never knowing a touch of kindness in his entire short life.