Truly, nothing is more heartbreaking than hearing about animal abuse. Yet, every year, thousands of animals (maybe even more when you add unreported cases) in the United States are made victims of abuse. Benny the horse was one such case.

Brought to the Last Stop Horse Rescue in August 2013, Benny was very obviously emaciated and weighed just 562 pounds. Too weak to stand on his own, this neglected horse required the assistance of a sling hanging from a beam in order to keep him upright.


Though recovery was slow, Benny slowly regained his health, strength, and spirit thanks to the help of his rescuers. After six months, Benny weighed 930 pounds and was finally able to trot and gallop his heart out in his new pasture with some new herd mates.

Benny the horse has an incredible story to share as it highlights the cruel world of animal abuse and the rescuers who are trying to end it. Though weak, Benny was able to make a full recovery … something that some rescue cases can only hope for. Thanks to the Last Stop Horse Rescue, Benny can finally live a life free of pain and neglect.