Imgur user Ben and his furry bestie Noodles share a kinship that is unparalleled. They love hanging out together and demonstrating to the world all of the ways a cat and human can snuggle up together, no matter the inherent discomfort the chosen sleeping position seems to illicit. So long as they’re getting cozy, does it really matter if Noodles is scrunched up in the four inch space available between Ben’s shoulder and neck? We think not.

Be it imitating one another, cuddling in hallways or just all around spending time together, it’s pretty clear that Ben and Noodles have the kind of relationship that is even enviable to human friends. Think about it, would you wrap your best bud in a blanket like a burrito and pose for pictures with them? Yeah, okay, that would be incredibly weird. Maybe envy wasn’t really the best operative word here.


The fact is, the relationship we have with our four-legged companions is pretty great. They bring enrichment into our lives and have a way of making the day just a little bit brighter just by being themselves. If you have the means to do it, supporting your local shelter and bringing a rescue animal into your life can make for a far more rewarding life … and nap.

Congratulations, it’s a bouncing baby feline!

Cat bed shmat bed, this is the coziest spot in the house. Well, here and that shard of light that comes in through the kitchen window around mid-afternoon. 

What? All the cool kids lay on the living room floor like this.

…or like this.

The truest expression of love is tackling your cat in a hallway for an impromptu snuggle sesh. 

“Yes, I’m aware that my butt is elevated three inches above my head. You’re just jealous that you can’t sleep like this.”

Pay no attention to that cat beneath the covers!

The bed is nice and all, but the small of a human’s back is like a Sleep Number bed to a cat. 

Noodles? Nope, haven’t seen her. Why do you ask?


All image source: Noodleboats/Imgur