Bears of all kinds are threatened by our actions — here are just 5 of the Worst Ways Humans Harm Bears. However, there are others who have and are continuing to help the bear species like Europe’s Newest and Largest Bear Sanctuary and this Finnish man who has an amazing bond with bears!

There are also times when humans and animals can live in harmony with one another. Case in point: the following story.

Something was happening to all of the rainwater in a rain barrel left outside near the woods by a house in Colorado Springs. The owners of this barrel decided to solve the water-missing mystery by setting up a few cameras before the next rainfall.

Here’s what they caught:

An American Black Bear…


…stopping for a drink.


Wait…what is it doing now?!


“Ah, one man’s rain barrel, is another bear’s hot tub.”


“I hope my paws don’t get too prune-y” 


“Care to join? The water’s juuust right!”



All images: Ralph Metzner