Do you remember what life was like before you met your best friend? While surely this is different for everyone, in our memories, life pre-BFF was a weird, dark time when we just didn’t feel whole. We might be remembering it wrong, but we’re pretty sure before they came around we were missing an arm or maybe a leg, it’s all very fuzzy… But, bottom line, life was not as awesome as it is now.

This is certainly a feeling that cats, Bean and Sydney, can relate to.


Imgur user, Fox_Ears, adopted Bean, who was a stray at the time, around two years ago. When Fox_Ears came across Sydney, a beautiful little tabby cat, they immediately fell in love and decided to adopt her as well. Thinking that Bean would be a little apprehensive and maybe a bit jealous of Sydney, Fox_Ears braced themselves for the worst.

Then this happened…

Almost immediately, Bean took Sydney in as his new BFF. (You can almost see Sydney thinking, “Hi, nice to meet you – WOAH! Most cat’s shake paws, but I guess I’ll take a big kiss…”)

There is not a waking (or napping) moment that goes by where these two aren’t together.  They’ve even launched a dual Instagram account where they post all their bestie selfies.

“Uh oh, this one came out more blurry than fierce … redo!”

Needless to say, they’ve created a super secret paw shake. Although it’s mostly just an hour-long hand-holding session.

Fox_Ears writes, “The best thing we’ve ever done for Bean was adopt Sydney.” We’re sure that both Bean and Sydney agree.

All image source: Fox_Ears/Imgur