What’s your food wastage footprint? Have you ever thought about how much that occasional tossed bag of half-eaten wilted spinach adds up to over time? Or the “too soft” apples you toss? Or the rest of your child’s meal scraped right into the garbage? And what about those misshapen oranges at the grocery store – what happens to them when no one buys them? Are they used to feed others who might really need it – or are they, more often than not, tossed into a landfill, only to create more waste?

The answers, shown in this video by The Food Wastage Footprint Project through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, may astound you.


The quick answer: it really adds up, and, humans waste a whole lot of food that could be used to feed other people. So, what can we do about it? The video provides some great initial ideas for people and food suppliers. Here are some tips (here and here) straight from One Green Planet, too.  Let’s band together and make our cumulative food wastage footprint a whole lot less of a burden to our Earth, Green Monsters.