With fall comes a crush of pumpkins and pumpkin related items that can best be described as an avalanche of pumpkin-y love. The delicious and decorative gourd sweeps supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants and blogs while social media figuratively explodes with its aromatic awesomeness.

Though it’s unofficial and the methodology is highly unstructured, we’re going to go ahead and officially confirm the hypothesis that people are cray cray for pumpkin. But this pumpkin passion isn’t relegated to mere humans! Animals like them too, which provides us with such adorableness that we kind of can’t even.

Pumpkin is ridiculously healthy for you, which makes it an object worth the obsession it gets. At only 83 calories per cup, it packs a whopping 500 milligrams of potassium and 763 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement!

So, munch away furry friends! We’ll be right over here doing the same thing!



Bill, at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, prefers the “put all of your weight on it until it implodes” method of pumpkin carving.

“Wanna watch me put a whole pumpkin in my mouth? Ahhhhhh……”

Journeys for The Soul

 “Look, proper procedure dictates that you take the guts out before you worry about all your Darth Vader stencils, kay? I’m gonna do this by the book, people.”

Ben W Photo


Know what javelinas like to do? Eat the pumpkin you left out in your yard with epic music playing.

“Peace out guys, I’m taking my big chunk of pumpkin and I’m going over here with it.”

My Vegan Journey


“Here at International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, we take the fall very seriously.”

Humans and Nature


“This pumpkin doesn’t stand a chance! I’m gonna put the hurt on it big time! Watch me go! Nom nom nom…”

Pickles N Honey


The family dog telling this moose off for stealing a pumpkin off of the porch, after the moose leaves, is just the best. 


“Boo! Bahaha, gotcha!”



“Yeahhh…we both knew that was an empty promise when I made it.”

Cake Chooser


Lead image source: Mike Criss/YouTube