one green planet
one green planet

In the United States, most people can live their entire lives without thinking about the impact that the products we use or food we eat have on the planet. We can go to the store and purchase the things we need and never have to question what happened to make these items possible. While this is convenient, it’s also incredibly dangerous!

When we don’t know that the meat we’re eating contributes to 80 percent of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest (yes – we’re serious, read about it here); or that the palm oil in our peanut butter and shampoo contributes to the extinction of the orangutan in Indonesia, we don’t really understand what we are paying for.

The reality is, when our actions result in the deforestation of the world’s natural habitat, it means that the animals who live there are left for dead. It might seem extreme, but it’s the truth. To illustrate this vital connection, Sanctuary India created an ad campaign the will make you sit up and reconsider the consequences of your consumption habits.

The ads were designed to make clear the message that deforestation means species loss. Simple as that.

The detail of the images is incredibly beautiful, making the shock of what is happening to these animals even more disturbing.

The tag line of the campaign reads, “When the wood go, wildlife goes.”

These pictures can be incredibly difficult to stomach, but their message it too important to ignore. So, now that you’ve seen them – what are you going to do?

Taking Deforestation off the Menu

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All image source: Sanctuary India