The World's Loneliest Seal Pup is Thriving in Her New Home

The world’s loneliest seal pup (the one we wrote about a few months ago) has found a new home in the Akvatoria dolphinarium in Adler, Russia. Her rescuers have named her Nafanya, after a Soviet-era cartoon character with similarly colored fur.

Nafanya seems to be thriving in her new home, but has not yet been allowed to mingle with the other seals as she has to undergo a month-long quarantine as a precautionary measure. Experts at the dolphinarium say Nafanya’s eyesight is not as poor as at first feared. Originally thought to be almost blind, it turns out she only has trouble seeing in bright sunlight due to her ice-blue eyes.


Her keepers told the Daily Mail that “She has a playful nature. She loves to play with her toy – a small blue ball. But what she likes the most its to play with a fish at feeding time. She will follow it, catch it, put it in her mouth, release it and finally eat it.”

Not only is Nafanya already the star attraction of the dolphinarium, but she also has her own live webcam which can be viewed here!