2018 started out with wonderful news for those dining out! Family-friendly restaurant TGI Friday’s partnered with Beyond Meat to bring their all-vegan Beyond Burger to over 465 of their U.S. nationwide locations. But TGI Friday’s isn’t stopping there! Now, the restaurant chain has teamed up with the Monday Campaigns to bring Meatless Mondays to their menus!

The partnership will include creating more meatless meal options for the restaurant’s menu, as well as promotions of the tasty dishes on Facebook and other social media sharing sites to get the word out.


“Appealing to a more food-forward consumer is a key priority for Fridays in 2018. In answering guests’ demand for nutritional menu items that fit their lifestyle needs, we saw an opportunity to introduce newly expanded options like plant-based protein,” said David Spirito, TGI Friday’s executive culinary director.

In 2017, a survey by DDG Research for the Monday Campaign polled 1,000 respondents and revealed that 29 percent would like to see Meatless Mondays at fast-food restaurants and 27 percent opted for sit-down restaurants. And yet another survey in 2015 revealed that people want the Monday Campaign to encourage the public to eat meat-free and locally. These results aren’t surprising considering how more people than ever are reducing their meat consumption and opting for plant-based options instead. When dining out, around 40 percent of Americans also choose the plant-based option.

In other words: people want plant-based options! And it’s high-time other fast food chains start adding meatless options according to rising consumer demands. Adding more meatless options at restaurants would not only cater to vegans, but it also provides healthy options for those who want to reduce their consumption of animal products, whether it be for health, environmental, or animal welfare reasons.

To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.


Image Source: TGI Fridays