Texas, you sure do surprise us! The lone star state recently announced that sports stadium Global Life Park will now be home to an all-vegan concession stand for the 2016 baseball season! Texas Ranger fans, vegan or not, will now have access to some delicious, plant-based fare to enjoy during the game.

Besides for the fact that Texans are known for their ravenous and meat-filled diet, we are pretty surprised by the location of this new stand. After all, sports stadiums are known for their vast selection of comfort food. If it’s stuffed with cheese, some kind of meat on a stick, or doused in butter, it’s probably being sold at a sports event. So, how did this unexpected decision come to action? Well, it all started back in 2014 actually, when Twalla Grant, the organization manager of “Veggie Happy” attended opening day at Global Park. When she saw the severe lack of vegan-friendly options, she took it upon herself to contact the stadium’s concession manager to discuss the matter. One year later, and the dream has been set into motion!


The home of the Texas Rangers will now be host to a new all-vegan cart that will feature items like nachos, hot dogs, salads, wraps, jerky, chili, and fresh-cut fruit. The cart will even be serving Southwestern Black Bean Burgers for those who came to the game extra hungry. Section 16 just got a major upgrade!

While it might seem like a baseball stadium in Texas would be the last place for a vegan concession stand, the reality is that nowadays Americans are eating less meat and looking for plant-based alternatives.

“The trends say it all. One-third of the population (over 100 million people) are choosing to leave meat off their plates more frequently. As much as 26 percent of consumers are ‘flexitarians,’ who prefer a diet dominated by plant-based foods,” said Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder of One Green Planet. “One in 10 millennials is vegetarian or vegan, and they are at the forefront of driving the American consumer marketplace by demanding more plant-based options.”

This is not the story of just one vegan woman who wants more options, this is revealing of a much larger trend. If they want to please the most amount of visitors (and make the most amount of money) they have to change with the times. Hopefully, their success will encourage other sports arenas to do the same.


Image Source: Wikipedia