Though more and more people are beginning to adopt canine family members instead of shop for them, there is still a large number of sweet pups who continue to struggle to find a forever home. As shelters fill with beautiful dogs, the youngest, happiest, and healthiest of them easily find homes and have a happy ending. However, shelters also see a large number of dogs with health issues and complications come through their doors too. Unfortunately, most of the potential adopters who visit do not even consider bringing home these dogs, preferring to find one who is “less work,” “less expensive.” or “easy to take care of.” Despite the fact that these furry friends have so much love to offer, they often end up spending their life in a shelter or even being euthanized. For one family, a sweet German Shepherd’s health condition was not enough to deter them from bringing her home and giving her the love she deserves.

Meet Honey, the seven-month-old puppy who made her family’s life sweeter than they ever could have imagined.


When she was just a baby, Honey was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. Veterinarians told her parents she most likely would not live for more than six months. 

Upon hearing this, her parents decided to make her a bucket list, and give her the fullest life they could, no matter how short it might be. 

Honey is now checking things off her list one by one….

She loves to play and meet new friends … she’s even friends with everyone at Goats of Anarchy! Polly is her bestie!


She’s learned how to swim and loves the beach!

Honey has even met K-9 Unit dogs and trained with them!

It’s not all work though! Honey got to have some fun at her first baseball game. She even got to meet the team!

Just like any pup, Honey loves to relax with her fur-siblings and parents after a long day.


Every day, Honey teaches her family more and more about unconditional love and enjoying life. She even inspired her parents to start their own rescue

Growing bigger every day, Honey is doing well and vets say she even has a chance at surgery! Until then, she is going to keep living life to the fullest.



To help sweet dogs like Honey, donate to and volunteer for your local shelters. Most importantly, always adopt your pets, never buy them.

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All Image Source: Sweetlifeof_Honey/ Instagram