World Animal Protection Australia is calling out the tourism industry in Asia for their use of elephants for entertainment in a  Care2 Petition.

This call to action comes at a perfect time as many families are planning their holiday vacations and making travel plans. Most people adore majestic elephants, jumping at the opportunity to be close to them … but they don’t know the sad truth behind most of these so-called “attractions.”

To start, most elephants used in the tourism industries are taken away from their mothers at a very young age and then subjected to agonizing torture to be broken and trained. This abuse is called the “crush,” and yes, it is as bad if not worse, than it sounds.

The tourism and trekking industries work hard at hiding these cruelties and ensure tourists that the animals in their care are happy and well cared for – something any eager vacationer would like to hear. Common sense will tell you, however, that all of these tricks and behaviors are completely unnatural and something is happening to these innocent animals to make them perform.

If you agree with World Animal Protection Australia and think these beautiful creatures deserve to live their lives in the wild with their families, in a natural environment, sign the petition. Tell the tourism industry that this is not the type of entertainment you want to see or want your children to experience. More than 3,000 elephants in Asia need your help. Use your voice to stand up for what’s right, take the pledge today.

Image Source: Devaiah Mallangada Kalaiah/ Unsplash