It is always said that children are the future and we must teach them well so they can grow up and become leaders of a better tomorrow. There is certainly a great number of people from the younger generations who are inspiring beacons of hope, fighting for animals and the environment, but we still have a long ways to go yet …

Animals who are considered livestock are abused, tortured, and neglected on factory farms, but this is not the only way they are exploited by people. Rodeos, county fairs, and similar events routinely exploit farm animals in the name of “entertainment” or “sport.” From “pig scrambles” to sheep races to hogtying animals, children are taught that animals are objects to be used and abused however individuals like.

In the following image shared by Unparalleled Suffering Photography on Facebook, we see a young boy kneeling down in an arena as he rushes to hogtie a terrified baby goat. The look on the goat’s face says it all.

The child in the photo cannot be blamed for this disturbing act. He was taught to do this by adults and is likely encouraged to do so and praised for it. However, teaching children how to be cruel to animals is a very dangerous thing. Normalizing this type of behavior will only lead to other acts of dominance over innocent animals, in or out of the arena. Considering the fact that someone who inflicts harm on animals is five times more likely to inflict harm on humans, society must put an end to this type of “sport” and “entertainment.”

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