The Aspinall Foundation has been helping to release captive gorillas back into the wild for nearly 15 years. This video features the story of Djalta and Bims, two western lowland gorillas who were born in captivity at the Howletts Wild Animal Park in England, but were successfully reintroduced to the wild of Gabon thanks to The Aspinall Foundation.

Conservationist, Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy helped to raise Djalta and Bims and nearly 10 years after their release to the forests of Gabon, the foursome has been reunited!

Because it had been so long since these gorillas had been in contact with humans, Damian was a bit concerned about how they would react to seeing their human caretakers. After a few moments, it seems that the gorillas remember Damian as if no time has passed at all!

Djalta and Bims had not seen Tansy for 15 years and she was only a small child when they were sent back to the wild. However, amazingly they knew exactly who the adult female standing in front of them was and embraced her lovingly. While Djalta and Bims adore their human friends, it is so wonderful to see them thriving in the wild where they belong!

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