Woohoo! Taco Bell has officially disaffiliated itself from SeaWorld. In the past, Taco Bell promoted discounted tickets to SeaWorld, but no more.

The decision to drop SeaWorld from their promotions came after Laura Morse, a student at Penn State University, launched a petition that attracted the signatures of 20,000 people who vowed to boycott Taco Bell until this partnership was dropped.


In the letter Morse received from Rob Poetsch, the Taco Bell spokesperson, Poetsch wrote, “It doesn’t take an animal rights activist to know that confining wild animals in tiny tanks is cruel and outdated.”

So, in keeping with the “cool” and current persona of the Taco Bell franchise, the company no longer wished to be associated with such a lame counterpart. We know the feeling.

Ah! Who knew the smell of victory would be taco flavored…

Now Green Monsters, don’t think we are going to let Taco Bell off the hook for this single awesome move for animals. We still think the folks at Taco Bell could make a few other steps to unleash their inner Green Monsters. What do we have in mind? Naturally, the next step to solidify Taco Bell’s animal-loving persona would be to add a plant-based option to their menu. Bueno?


After all, Beyond Meat has already proposed the idea of a meat-free taco! As plant-based diets are the cool new thing to do, maybe Taco Bell should again call on their hip reputation and embrace a meat-free option. Rob Poetsch, can ya dig?

Image source: VulcanofWalden/Wikipedia Commons