Although using elephants in circuses was banned in India in 2013, many have remained in captivity with their former owners. Wildlife SOS is working to change this through their newly launched campaign to rescue 67 of India’s remaining circus elephants. This past week, Suzy became the very first rescued elephant in this campaign and after a long journey to the Wildlife SOS elephant sanctuary, she has finally arrived at her new home!

The Wildlife SOS sanctuary is home to a number of other rescue elephants, including Raju and Sunder. We are sure that Suzy will adjust to her new life and friends in no time at all!


Transporting an elephant cross-country can be a bit of a challenge. Suzy is blind and has a number of other health concerns, but she seemed quite content in the back of her rescue truck!


Finally surrounded by people who love and care for her, Suzy eased into the idea of going for a drive.

The Wildlife SOS team made frequent stops so Suzy could stretch her legs and take a quick dust bath.

If you thought your road snacks were intense, we’re here to tell you, they’ve got nothing on Suzy’s.

She even got a fuzzy travel blanket to keep her warm at nighttime.

After five days on the road, Suzy is finally home!


Enjoy your new sanctuary, Suzy!

All image source: Wildlife SOS