Part of caring for animals in sanctuaries and rescue centers is trying to make life as stimulating and enjoyable as possible. They constantly introduce them to new toys, new foods, and even small things like new smells. Murphy, the sun bear in the video above, for example, is enjoying a bubble bath! While a bubble bath may not seem all that exciting, to Murphy it’s a whole new, fun experience! He splashes … he dunks his head … he pretty much has the time of his adorable life.

After being stolen from his mother by poachers and abandoned, Murphy was rescued by Animals Asia.  This little sun bear will live out the rest of his life in a sanctuary. Had he not been rescued, he likely would have become one of the thousands of bears kept on bear bile farms. Despite the fact that there are modern medicinal solutions, bear bile farms painfully extract bile from bears’ gallbladders, to treat gallblader and liver ailments, among other things.


While, of course, the ideal situation would have been for this baby sun bear to have grown up peacefully with his mother in the wild, we are happy that, at least, this sweet boy is in the capable hands of Animals Asia. Knowing the lengths that they go to, we have no doubts that this sun bear will have a plenty of fun times like this in his future!