Becoming fascinated with wild animals is not uncommon. After all, who wouldn’t be absolutely taken aback by a majestic elephant, a stoic lion, or a beautiful bear? As incredible as these creatures are, and as much as we would like to be able to interact with them closely and frequently, these animals belong in the wild where they can grow along with others of their kind and truly live life as nature intended. Unfortunately, there are some people who are so infatuated with the idea of having a wild animal as a pet, that they seek out ways to do so, sometimes without truly taking a moment to think about what having a wild animal as a pet would entail.

Sadly, despite knowing what is in the best interest for these animals, there are ways that people are able to get their hands on exotic creatures, and that would be the illegal wildlife trade. At least, that’s how a man in Laos was able to acquire Missy, a darling sun bear cub. Thankfully, some caring motorcyclists found out about the cub’s situation and convinced the man to hand over the little bear.


The motorcyclists immediately escorted the cub to Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre, where a veterinary team conducted a thorough inspection to make sure the sun bear was in good health – she was! 

Now Missy is finally learning what it is to be a bear, and what life is like out in nature. 


The staff at the center take her out for daily walks around the enclosure and let her go to town on the trees and work on her strength and climbing ability. 

Unfortunately, due to Laos Rescue Centre’s high volume of bears currently at the facility, Missy doesn’t have her very own enclosure to roam around in yet.

Obviously, this is not the ideal situation. The sanctuary knows the sooner Missy can start climbing structures, relax in a pool, and simply explore, the more enriching her life will be. 

We hope a solution to this problem comes soon, this little bundle of cuteness deserves it! 


Missy is just one of the many animal victims of the illegal wildlife trade, an industry that unfortunately is growing in Laos. These animals are bought for human consumption, domestication, or for bear bile farming. While this is still a growing problem, there are definitely things you can do to help. To start, educate yourself on the illegal wildlife trade and raise awareness (start by sharing this article!) If you want to help Laos provide more amenities for Missy and other bears that will inevitably be rescued, click here to view their campaign and possibly donate!

All Images Source: Laos Wildlife Rescue Center/Facebook