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Plant-based eaters in California, prepare to get excited: Select Subway locations in California are currently testing a new all-vegan “Malibu Garden” sandwich.

Sandwich artists at one location told the team from Compassion Over Killing that even though it’s just been available for a week, they’ve already received rave reviews on the new sandwich. The description of the sandwich sounds pretty appetizing. I wish I were in California to try it (ahem, Subway, those of us in New York would love to taste-test the Malibu Garden sandwich, too…just sayin’).

The veggie patty is more hearty and healthier than before, and it contains whole grains such as brown rice and rolled oats, as well as veggies. The sandwich comes topped with a creamy “fire roasted tomato sauce” that is dairy- and egg-free. You can even order this sandwich on the restaurant’s vegan Italian bread.

Hopefully, the sandwich will do well enough for Subway to offer it as a regular menu item. If history repeats itself, customer demand should be high enough to do well. Some stores now are reportedly serving falafel, and Subway restaurants throughout Canada have rolled out a “Totally Vegged” all-vegan sub with a vegan patty. In 2012, Subway Cafés in Maryland, DC, and Virginia offered the Sweet Riblet, the Malibu Greek, and the Italian Black Bean sandwiches. In DC, a handful of stores introduced these three vegan sandwiches, which were so popular, they ran out of the patties within just two weeks.

Keep those awesome vegan offerings coming, Subway! Hopefully other casual dining and fast food restaurants will take note and provide cruelty-free options on their menus, as well.

To ask for this sandwich to be offered everywhere at Subway locations, visit You can leave comments for the restaurant and learn more about their vegan offerings.

Images’ Source: Compassion Over Killing